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Apple Support Communities  /  iPod  /  iPod touch Creating Apple ID without credit card 1956756 Views Previous1 2 3 …Next369 RepliesLatest reply: Dec 26, 2015 8:25 PM by Headlice Branched to a new discussion.Level 1 (0 points)Apple8854 Jul 3, 2012 7:28 PM Hi, How can I create an Apple ID to use on Itunes without a credit card?  I want to get free apps for my ipod touch. I don`t want to go through giving my serial number just to contact Apple support.   I searched Google for an answer, and many people say an Apple ID can`t be made without a credit card but I know that`s not true.  Many people already have.  The closest I`ve Читать далее

CSS - Transparency Gradient on an Imageup vote 6 down vote favorite 2 I would like my background image to go from 100% opacity to 0% opacity. I could choose to use another image asset where I use an image editor to make the image fade opacity, however I want to use as little assets as possible. Can this be done with CSS? I know I could make several divs in which I change the opacity on each one, however this would require a lot of divs to make it look good.